This page is dedicated to those who met at Lamplighters and eventually went on to Matrimonial Bliss as a result of this romance!

Frank and Lisa Bellanca

November 14th, 1980

Stewart and Debbie Tesnow

April 16th, 1983

Jim and Carol Ribar

June 15th, 1984

Chris and Laurie Jenner

August 11, 1990

Stan and Tracy Andersen

August 11, 1991

Paul and Sue Burge
John and Bo Roth
Rob and Stephanie Danielson

March 21, 1998

Tom and Danell O'Neill

August 21st, 1999

Jim and Donna Adamson

August 28th, 1999

Mike and Katrina Spiess

March 4th, 2000

Anthony and Debra LaRue

May 20, 2000

Jimmy and Shannon DePersia

December 22, 2001

Walter and Julie Schmidt

October 28, 2006

Brett and Jessica Castelvecchi

May 17, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Putz

July 16th, 2011

Jim and Liz Burkwest

September 15th, 2011

Ellie Bahrmasel Mat Altstiel

August 25, 2012

Jeffrey and Lauren Marra

December 20, 2012

Matt and Emily Franz

June 29, 2013

Shannon Stein and Eric Mocchi


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